Discovery alert 166686

Discovery alert Dog Unknown , 6 years Sorrento Italy
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Short/medium sized. Has orange collar. Won’t come near ya bc he/she seemed fearful and to be looking and barking for owner. Keeps walking up and down the same street looking for owner. White with some brown and looks like they have an underbite

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Location Piazza Tasso
80067 Sorrento
Date 27.05.2019
Time 15:30
Type Seen or noticed an animal
Age 6 years
Sex Unknown
Health Alive - apparently in good health
Race Dog Unknown
Size 40 cm
Weight 20 kg
Color White / Brown / Gold
Reference 166686
Collar Yes
Collar details Color/Orange
Type of necklace/Polyester
Details of the collar/Running up and down the street barking and looking for it’s owner. Looks worried
Microchip Unknown
Castrated Unknown
Particularities Frightened / fearful
The alert was started. Thank you to bring your help.
27.05.2019 - 17:02, published by PetAlert
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